Key Features

  • TITO: Issuance / redemption of tickets
  • Cashless: cash to card / card to cash
  • Sports betting: payout wins via barcode
  • Money changer
  • Bank card, contactless
  • Custom front design

Main Unit

  • Security cabinet in steel blue / white aluminium
  • 15“ or 24“ touchscreen display
  • Banknote dispenser LCDM with 1, 2 or 4 cassettes
    Capacity approx. 1,000 notes per cassette
    (max. of 4,000 banknotes total)
    Payout note by note (spray dispensing)
  • RFID card reader for service functions
  • Banknote validator
    JCM UBA Pro / Cash box 400/900 notes
    JCM iPRO / Cash box 400/900 notes


  • Maximum of 6 coin hoppers
    3 coin hoppers have an extension
    (for up to 7,500+ coins together)
    3 additional hoppers are possible
  • Note recycler instead of note validator
    JCM iPRO-RC, JCM UBA Pro-RQ, CashCode Bill-2-Bill
  • Coin acceptance via coin bulk feeder
    (for up to 250 coins at once)


  • Secure checking, processing and dispensing of coins
    and banknotes
  • RFID card reader for service functions
    e.g. staff accounts: deposit and withdrawal
    Player card compatibility
  • ITHAKA Epic 950 TITO ticket printer and receipt printer
    TITO tickets, receipts, statistics print outs
  • Barcode /QR-Code scanner
  • Prepared for integration of a cank card payment device /
    PIN Pad


Modern PC and Software Technology

  • Modern industrial PC
    Reliable fanless Linux PC with SSD
    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • NOVO Cash X-Software concept
    Service interface for a wide range of settings
    Documentation of all operations
    Extensive statistics
    Simple and ergonomic cashier interface
    Status and function messages by e-mail
    Internet connection and thus remote enquiry, remote
    maintenance, remote update possible
    Extensive analysis options for technicians
  • Integration in most Casino Management Systems possible


      • Cabinet and front door made out of 3 mm sheet steel
      • Front door with enhanced 8-point locking mechanism
      • Locking lever with double-bit lock and additional lock cover
      • Double-locking system (4-eye principle)
      • High resistance against break-in


      • Blue illuminated design edge around front door
      • Front panel in blue
      • optional: coloured front design NOVOLINE or individual
        front design according to customer requirements

      Technical Data

      • Cabinet: 72 cm x 179 cm x 59 cm (W x H x D)
      • Base plate: 70 cm x 67 cm (W x D)
      • Weight: 300 kg (depending on configuration)
      • Power Supply: 110-230V